mandatory features for 1.0

Below is the list of mandatory features for version 1.0. This list is not exhaustive, features may be added every now and then.

  • fix all sync-issues
  • fix all crashes
  • inform the user about errors during sync
  • inform the user about sync statistics
  • password change dialog
  • sync attendees in both directions (experimental attendee sync has been added in 0.2.4)
  • sync reminders in both directions
  • sync as soon as a network connection becomes available if syncs have been missed due to insufficient connectivity
  • sync after the phone's calendar got edited
  • use HTTP compression whenever possible
  • use calendar-query to sync events in a limited range of time only (e.g. two weeks in the past and 4 month in the future)
  • warn about expired ssl certificates
  • auto-detect server port
  • proper support for vtimezone
  • do not suggest calendar colors that are already in use during setup
  • load calendar colors from server if available
  • option to select/deselect synced calendars post account creation (prioritized due to public demand)
  • option to change display name and calendar color post account creation (prioritized due to public demand)

optional features

Some features are not mandatory for 1.0 but still nice to have. You're encouraged to send me your feature requests.

  • sync icalendar files r/o
  • allow to search for other user's public calendars on a server
  • manage CalDAV accounts from app launcher
  • manual conflict resolution
  • use calendar-multiget to reduce sync overhead and improve sync speed
  • option to confirm event removals (from phone, from server, always)
  • make "sync interval" a per account setting instead of a global setting
  • option to change sync-mode (i.e. r/o or r/w) at and post account creation (currenly per account only)
  • add support for Apple's push extension