mandatory features for 1.0

Below is the list of mandatory features for version 1.0. This list is not exhaustive, features may be added every now and then.

  • inform the user about errors
  • inform the user about sync statistics
  • password change dialog
  • sync all (relevant) fields defined in RFC 2426 (a few fields like SOUND, GEO, AGENT... get not synced yet)
  • sync as soon as a network connection becomes available if syncs have been missed due to insufficient connectivity
  • manual conflict resolution
  • manage Card-DAV accounts from app launcher
  • "Sync-Now" Widget there already exists a 3rd party app that can do that
  • use HTTP compression whenever possible
  • accept md5 as digest algorithm
  • sync very big collections (at least 2000 contacts) - I was able to sync a collection of 2000 contacts, each with a small photo
  • warn about expired ssl certificates
  • auto-detect server port

optional features

Some features are not mandatory for 1.0 but still nice to have. You're encouraged to send me your feature requests.

  • import contacts from other address books
  • import vcards from sd card, sms, mail ...
  • export vcards to sdcard
  • use dav multi-get to reduce sync overhead
  • map vlists to groups
  • map categories to groups
  • option to confirm contact removals (from phone, from server, always)
  • make "sync interval" a per account setting instead of a global setting