Contact Editor Pro

Contact Editor Pro is an improved version of the original Android 2.1 contact editor. It has been fixed to work with custom contact sources like CardDAV-Sync and several new features have been added.

Features (version 0.6.3)

  • option to set a default account for new contacts (tap account icon to change the account if you have set a default)
  • copy/move contact between accounts (tap account icon for a menu)
  • remove a contact from a specific account
  • merge data from another contact
  • basic group management
  • create groups
  • more predefined label for phone numbers and email addresses
  • labels for websites
  • edit custom fields on Google contacts
  • support for relation fields(not for Exchange contacts)
  • slightly rearranged layout (for less scrolling)
  • extra confirmation step when deleting fields (to prevent accidental removal of fields)
  • "take photo" option
  • select photo size
  • manage multiple contact photos
  • additional fields in organization: department & role
  • date picker for events (can handle phones that store dates as timestamps internally, like Motorola devices)
  • set contact ring tone and "send directly to voice mail"
  • allows to set behaviour when back is pressed ("save and exit" or "exit without saving")
  • field "Internet Call" (not available in Android 2.1 and 2.2)
  • collapse editor sections for aggregated contacts
  • stateful editing - return to an unsaved contact
  • more to come...