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This is the CalDAV-Sync account settings help. If you don't know what some of these options mean you should probably stick to the defaults.

Unless otherwise noted, all options apply to SmoothSync as well.

Global Settings

Device compatibility options

Remove 0s alarms
This option will remove alarms that are set to 0 minutes. This is necessary on some buggy devices that set alarms to zero instead of removing them.
Fix tentative event state
This option will set new events to confirmed when syncing them to the server. Some buggy calendar apps create all events tentative (see Android issue 22326)

Debug options

Report broken events
This function enables reports of some common errors in events which are normally ignored.
Enable error reports
This option enables error reports during sync. If there is any error it will show a notification with an option to send a bug report. Error conditions may happen for many reasons and not all of them are bugs actually (for example if the app can not sync due to bad connectivity). Please consider to read the article about sync errors and possible reasons to see what might have caused a certain error report (not all reports may be caused by bugs in my app, they may be caused by server bugs as well).
Report connection errors
This option enables the reporting of connectivity issues. It is meant to debug connectivity issues. Connection errors are not considered to be bugs in CardDAV-Sync. Please do not send occasional bug reports about connectivity issues. If you get many connection errors read connection errors.
You should not enable this option if everything works fine.
Log to file
Enable this function if you want to have a look at the debug messages of CalDAV or the support asked you to. This option is normally disabled because it causes a performance impact and is known to not work correctly sometimes. Only enable if necessary and don't forget to disable it afterwards!
Log files
This is a list of all log files. Normally it's empty.

Account Settings

Server settings

Select calendars to sync
Use this setting if you want to change the selected calendars or you created new calendars on the server that you want to sync. You can change calendar colors and names here or reset them to the values on the server (if any).
Sync colors and names
Enable this option if you want to sync the colors and names of the calendars from the servers.

Advanced options

Use preemptive authentication (not available in SmoothSync)
Enable preemptive authentication. Preemptive authentication causes the app to send BASIC authentication headers with every request. If your server accepts BASIC authentication this will reduce the number of round-trips and sync much faster (especially on SSL). Please note, this will send your password unencrypted over the wire (if you don't use SSL), even if your server does not accept BASIC authentication. With SSL this option should be safe to use. Don't enable this option if your server doesn't accept BASIC authentication.
Socket timeout (seconds)
Change the default connection timeout of 120 seconds. You should not change this value unless necessary.
Fake user-agent (not available in SmoothSync)
This option changes the user-agent the app uses. If you were able to setup the account without this option, then you don't need it.

Sync direction

This option disables Two-Way-Sync. Only server modifications are considered during sync, modifications on the phone don't get synced to the server.

Sync interval

Periodic auto sync
This enables an automatic sync on a regular base.
Sync interval
Sets the time between two automatic syncs.
Enable long term sync
Enables long term sync. In contrast to a regular sync long term sync allows to sync larger time ranges. To prevent unnecessary traffic and safe battery this will be done on larger intervals.
Long term sync interval
Sets the time between two automatic long term syncs.

Regular Sync range

Note 1: modifications on the phone will always be synced to the server, no matter when a created/modified/removed event starts. The sync range is only relevant for the direction server to phone.

Note 2: some buggy servers violate the CalDAV specifications and return less events than they should actually, e.g. older versions of SabreDAV and ownCloud don't report recurring events that start before the past sync range.

Sync entire calender
Enable if you want to synchronize the entire calendar. This may require lots of bandwidth and is not recommended. You should rather look at Long term sync.
Sync past events up to
The number of weeks to sync in the past. Earlier events won't be fetched from the server. Recurring events that start earlier will be synced if at least one instance is in the sync range.
Sync future events up to
The number of weeks to sync in the future. Later events won't be fetched from the server.

Long term sync range

This is the same as Regular Sync range just for long-term syncs

Sync past events up to
The number of months or year to sync in the past.
Sync future events up to
The number of months or year to sync in the future.

Date service settings

These options allow to specify on which connection types the app may sync. The app checks the connection type on each sync and won't sync if the current connection is not enabled here.

Server compatibility options

Some servers require special settings.

Convergence Workaround
Enable the workarounds for Oracle Convergence.
Create default alarms
Add Apple style default alarms for events without alarm.
Use WebDAV sync method
Some broken servers require this sync method. Please notice that it's very inefficient.

Experimental features

Sync attendees
Enable attendee and organizer sync. This option is experimental since it needs more testing and a few improvements. Anyway, it may already do it's job for many users.
Sync on display switch-on
Let the app sync when the display is switched on. Please note that if you're using power saving techniques or battery extender apps that disable your data connection, this might cause a lot of connection errors. The app will wait up to 30 seconds for the device to signal a working data connection, but even when the device signals a working connection it may take a few seconds until the connection has recovered.
This option will sync at most once in 5 minutes to prevent excessive battery drain. If you switch on the display very often you may still notice a decreased battery time.