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Contact Editor Pro is the contact editor (and only the editor) from the Android sources. I fixed it to make it work with arbitrary contact sources and removed the dependencies on the internal API to make it work with more recent Android versions. Also I implemented several additional features.

additional features

This is the list of additional features (compared to the Android 2.1 stock contact editor)

  • "default account" option (tap account icon to change account when you have set a default)
  • copy contacts between accounts (tap account icon for a menu)
  • merge data from another contact
  • remove a contact from a specific account
  • basic group membership management
  • option to create new groups
  • more predefined labels for phone numbers and emails (for custom contact sources)
  • labels for websites
  • edit custom fields on Google contacts
  • support for relation fields
  • slightly rearranged layout (less scrolling)
  • extra confirmation step when deleting fields (to prevent accidental deletion of fields)
  • "take photo" option
  • select size of taken contact photos
  • manage multiple contact photos
  • additional fields in organization: department & role
  • date picker for events (can handle phones that store dates as timestamps internally)
  • set contact ring tone and "send directly to voice mail"
  • allows to set behaviour when back is pressed ("save and exit" or "exit without saving")
  • field "Internet Call" (not available in Android 2.1 and 2.2)
  • collapse-able editor sections for aggregated contacts
  • responsive user interface
  • more to come (write me)

known issues

  • Taken contact photos may appear twice in the media gallery.

Can't edit contacts

The Contact Editor uses so called "intents" which means that it tells the system that it's able to create and modify contacts. If other apps want to use such functionalities, they can call the intent and a dialog appears that asks you which app you want to use. According to Google's guidelines, every app should use intents even if the app itself provides the same functionality.

Unfortunately some contact apps don't use intents but only use their own editor. Of course, we can't change the behaviour of apps that don't belong to us. The only solution is an alternative contact app.

Examples (not fully tested, but known to use intents): DW Contacts, Simpler Contacts

Android 7

Apparently Google doesn't follow their own guidelines anymore. According to several reports, the stock contact app on Android 7 doesn't allow to use the CEP anymore. Some users reported success after clearing defaults at [Android settings -> Apps], but if that doesn't work for you, you'll need an alternative contact manager to use the Contact Editor. (See above)

upcoming features

Below is a list of feature requests from users. Feel free to add your request. The order of the list is not related to the actual order how things will be implemented.

  • option to add default groups for new contacts
  • fix translations of new features
  • add field "maiden name"
  • allow to select which fields should be in the "more" section
  • allow import/export from/to SIM card
  • option to export contact photos to file
  • add white theme to match default theme on some devices
  • scan for duplicate contacts and join them