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EGroupware Configuration

  1. In the Android sync options choose "add account"
  2. Select "CalDAV"
  3. Enter complete URL to your EGroupware groupdav.php (e.g.
  4. check "use SSL" accordingly
  5. Fill in user name & password
  6. Select "Next"
  7. Choose Calendar
  8. Go to your calendar app, e.g. the google calendar, and make the CalDAV calendar visible

Precise Description

The basic GroupDAV server at a general egroupware setup helps to serve both the CalDAV and the CardDAV services. The CalDAV service may be found basically by the following type of URL: http://some.server/egroupware/groupdav.php/calendar Opening this link in a browser helps to check if the service is active or not. In the former case the browser will show a list of events in an ICS format.

When doing my first setup, I basically selected this URL as my CalDAV source, selected a one-way sync, and selected (by the program's request) the personal calendar to sync.

After the sync I was able to see my personal events, and also the events where I was invited as a participant.

(by Alex)

known issues


If you use an LDAP backend for your contacts CardDAV is not yet supported in eGroupWare (see eGroupWare-users mailing list). However, there is a patch that has been reported to work here.


When chosing the calendar and infolog for synchronization with some installations this error arose:

org.apache.http.client.ClientProtocolException: calendar-query failed

Simlpy not syncing the infolog, but only the calendar did resolve the issue.

If you can't create an account, try using the URL