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Google supports CalDAV and CardDAV for the Google Calendar and GMail services. Most devices sync Google calendar and contacts natively, but some devices come without the Google apps. On those devices CardDAV-Sync and CalDAV-Sync can fill the gap. Also CalDAV-Sync can sync the entire calendar, while the Google sync apps have been reported to sync a specific time range only.

Important note: Please note that according to A second spring of cleaning Google will require OAuth2.0 authentication to access their CalDAV services after September 16. In particular that means that CalDAV-Sync versions before 0.3.4 won't be able to sync Google anymore, because they support basic HTTP authentication only.

To sync Google Calendar after September 16 you'll have to set up your account again with CalDAV-Sync 0.3.4 using the Google™ option in the service provider list.



To set up CalDAV-Sync with Google OAuth2.0 authentication use the Google™ option in the service provider menu. You'll be prompted to log in and to grant CalDAV-Sync access to your calendar. If you want to sync multiple Google accounts, use the "sign out" button on top to log in with a different account.

By default only your main calendar is enabled for synchronization via CalDAV. To sync other calendars go to and enable them. If you already created an account go to "Edit calendars to sync" in the account settings to update the list of calendars.

Also, please note that Google doesn't support task sync via CalDAV.


  • Server URL:
  • Use SSL: leave checked
  • Username: your Google Mail address
  • Password: your Google password

alternatively open this link in the browser of your Android device.

See Sync contacts with your iOS device.


  • Not all fields and custom types are supported yet.
  • 2 step verification may work, but is not tested yet