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Who would want to use CardDAV-Sync or CalDAV-Sync with a Google-Account? Every device should do that natively. However if you want to use CalDAV-Sync to sync your Google Calendar enter the following data.



  • Server URL:
  • Use SSL: leave checked
  • Username: your Google Mail address
  • Password: your Google password

alternatively open this link from your phone's browser.

Currently one-way-sync only. Uploading events seems to be broken (go to to see why).

Update: Starting with version uploading events to Google should work just fine! I was able to find a workaround and now Google accepts events from my app.

By default only your main calendar is enabled for synchronization via CalDAV. To sync other calendars go to and enable them. If you already created an account go to "Edit calendars to sync" in the account settings to update the calendars.


CardDAV-Sync is untested. Does Google support CardDAV at all?