How to report bugs

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If something doesn't work as expected there can be several reasons:

  • The feature has not been implemented yet.
  • There is a bug in the app.
  • There is a bug in your server software.
  • Your phone's manufacturer has changed something that is incompatible with stock android (see Android fragmentation for details).

Except for the first case, a detailed bug report is important to me to fix it. It's not always possible to reproduce a problem especially if it requires specific server software or a specific device. Please send the report via email to the address on my website.

Things a detailed log report should contain

  1. Preconditions
    • Your phone model.
    • The server you're using (and its version number).
    • If applicable: the client software you're using on other clients like your desktop pc.
  2. Steps to reproduce the problem
    • What have you done when the problem occurred?
    • What exactly happened (Was there an error message? What did it say?).
    • Does it always happen when you do that?
  3. Expected behaviour
    • A brief description what you would expect instead.
  4. A log
  5. Test data
    • Please append test data that leads to the problem if possible. Of course you can blank out any personal data. To do so replace them by x, do not remove entire lines if possible.

Especially if you use a server that is not yet on the list of Supported servers & services it would be very helpful if you can provide a test account on your server.