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Kolab is a fully Free Software groupware solution developed by Kolab Systems.

Starting from version 3.1, Kolab is fully supported by CalDAV-Sync and CardDAV-Sync


Just enter the name of your server along with your username and password. Address books and calendars will be discovered automatically.


  • Server URL: <servername>/iRony
  • Use SSL: check accordingly
  • Username: your login name
  • Password: your password

If you changed the iRony URL in your apache config (for Max OS X compatibility for example) you have to change the Server URL accordingly.


See the instructions for CalDAV-Sync, with CardDAV-Sync it works exactly the same way.

Known Issues

Birthdays/anniversaries are not synchronized via CARDDAV. See the issue #2142 in Kolab's issue tracker.