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CalDAV-Sync and CardDAV-Sync are not open source yet, but some parts already are. This page will list all open sourced libs. Please see question #13 in my CalDAV-Sync FAQ to learn why the open source release is taking so long. This page also lists the libraries used by the task app (which already is open source).

Please note: during refactoring I'll split the projects into several (mostly Android-independent) libraries to reduce complexity and make them reusable in other projects.

A simple and beautiful color picker for Android.
A wrapper for android.apps.Notification
A recurrence processor for Java.
Just some String helper routines used throughout the project.
A task provider for Android.
A task app for Android.
This is the XML serializer used by CalDAV-Sync & CardDAV-Sync. It aims to be more convenient than the stock Android XmlSerializer interface, still being somewhat lightweight and efficient.