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The CalDAV-server-implementation that uses is probably the poorest CalDav implementation ever. The GoDaddy support answered my request for a test account with:

While CalDAV is an open standard, our server configuration is meant to sync only with iPhones®, iPads®, and Apple Mac OS X iCal®

The reason is that their implementation violates several standards and has not very much to do with CalDAV at all. However basic sync support is available.

(thanks to brian for pointing out the correct principals home at


  • Server Url:
  • Use SSL: leave checked
  • Username: your email address
  • Password: your password


CardDAV is not supported.

known issues


The CalDAV implementation of is extremely poor. One major issue that I could no workaround (yet) is:

When you delete or edit an event on your phone that you created or modified a few minutes ago on the same device then the next sync will undo your changes. This will happen if the device synced exactly once between both modifications. If it synced twice or more everything should be fine.