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Yahoo!® offers several services like a web portal, a search engine, social media ... Also it offers CalDAV and CardDAV access to your calendars and address book.



Please use the Yahoo! option in the provider list. You'll be taken to the OAuth2 login page to sign in and grant access to your calendar.


Please see known issues below.

  • Server:
  • use SSL: leave ticked, it won't work otherwise
  • Username: your Yahoo-ID (i.e. your email address at yahoo, if your email address ends with enter just the name part)
  • Password: your Yahoo-Password

known issues

Event tags

It seems like some tags prevent events from being synced via CalDAV. Were not yet certain if that is caused by Yahoo or if it's a bug in our app. In case specific events are not synced to your device, first try if it works when resetting its type to "general". However, the birthday tag seems to work. (Thanks to Richard)


time zone

See [here]