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Zimbra is a collaboration suite by VMWare. There is an open source edition available.

Zimbra and CalDAV has been tested with the open source version and self certificates. It should work on the paid edition as well.

When using CalDAV with Zimbra the following may help when completing the settings. Initial settings and checking of the Zimbra server are faster when using WiFi or Internet pass though connection on your Android Device.

  • Server: the URL of your Zimbra server e.g. zimbrahost.example.com[:port][path]
  • Use SSL: yes/no – normally yes
  • User Name: your email address or username (the one used to access Zimbra Email)
  • Password: your password

Once the form is filled, press OK

It will then to connect to Zimbra and list your calendars and task lists.

Calendar Colour is set in Zimbra, you have the option to change it in CalDAV.

Known issues

Shared tasks

Shared task lists seem to be added as sub folders sometimes (Zimbra 8) and thus are not exported via CalDAV. Solution: Move them to the prnicipal level. (Thanks J. Söhner)

Zimbra 6

Shared resource discovery is broken on Zimbra 6. This is a bug in Zimbra. You may be able to sync a shared resource by specifying its full path in the account setup, but that's not guaranteed to work. Please consider upgrading to Zimbra 8.


Zimbra does not export all fields via CardDAV and some fields are not exported correctly. So, users syncing with a Zimbra server should note the following to avoid data loss:

  • The following fields are not synced properly by Zimbra, and any data may be lost if two-way sync is enabled:
    • Company phone
    • Assistant phone
    • Car phone fixed in Zimbra
    • Anniversary
    • IM fields
    • Any custom fields
  • For the following fields, Zimbra only syncs 1 entry for each field, any further entries may be lost if two-way sync is enabled:
    • Mobile fixed in Zimbra
    • Home fax fixed in Zimbra
    • Work fax fixed in Zimbra
    • Other phone fixed in Zimbra
    • Other fax fixed in Zimbra
    • Pager fixed in Zimbra

  • URLs (1 entry for each type) fixed in zimbra
  • Addresses (1 entry for each type) fixed in zimbra (currently 'other' addresses are mapped to 'home' by CardDAV-Sync, that's a bug)
  • 2 entries each are permitted for the following fields:
    • Home tel More than 2 entries are allowed with recent releases
    • Work tel More than 2 entries are allowed with recent releases

  • Multiple entries in the email field are synced, but the labels are not preserved by Zimbra.
  • All name fields are synced, except Maidenname which is not synced, but is preserved.
  • Callback field is synced, but incorrectly displayed as 'Car phone' on Android (due to a Zimbra bug). fixed in Zimbra