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You should always check '''Use SSL''' according to your server's configuration.
You should always check '''Use SSL''' according to your server's configuration.
There is a page about the [[CaDAV-Sync account settings]] available.
==known issues==
==known issues==

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CalDAV-Sync is a CalDAV client for Android to synchronize events. Due to its implementation as sync adapter it integrates seamlessly with the default calendar app. Please read the CalDAV-Sync FAQ first if you have any questions. Please see CalDAV-Sync settings for brief explanation of CalDAV-Sync's settings.

general setup instructions

With most servers it is sufficient to enter just server name (and port number) into the "Server name or URL" field.


  • caldav.example.com
  • caldav.example.com:8443

CalDAV-Sync will try several common path names to find your calendars.

In some cases the app can not find your calendars. This may happen if you installed your server in a custom location (i.e. a sub path) or if you're running other web services on the same host that stop auto-discovery. In such cases just give the app the path to your principal home or your calendar home.


  • caldav.example.com/principals/
  • sogo.example.com:8443/SOGo/dav/
  • caldav.example.com/davical/caldav.php/

If you want to sync a calendar that belongs to another user and that is not linked to your calendar home, enter the full path to the calendar.


  • cal.example.com/caldav.php/someusername/somecalendarname/

You should always check Use SSL according to your server's configuration.


There is a page about the CaDAV-Sync account settings available.

known issues

  • Attendees are not synced at all.
  • May crash if the phone's orientation is changed during account setup.