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This is the CardDAV-Sync account settings help. If you don't know what some of these options mean you should probably stick to the defaults.

Unless otherwise noted, all options apply to SmoothSync as well.

Global settings

Device's date format
A date can be displayed in many different ways. Change this setting if your phone has a different date format than yyyy-mm-dd.

Debug options

Enable error reports
This option enables error reports during sync. If there is any error it will show a notification with an option to send a bug report. Error conditions may happen for many reasons and not all of them are bugs actually (for example if the app can not sync due to bad connectivity). Please consider to read the article about sync errors and possible reasons to see what might have caused a certain error report (not all reports may be caused by bugs in my app, they may be caused by server bugs as well).
Report connection errors
This option enables the reporting of connectivity issues. It is meant to debug connectivity issues. Connection errors are not considered to be bugs in CardDAV-Sync. Please do not send occasional bug reports about connectivity issues. If you get many connection errors read connection errors.
You should not enable this option if everything works fine.
Log to file
Enable this function if you want to have a look at the debug messages of CardDAV or the support asked you to. This option is normally disabled because it causes a performance impact and is known to not work correctly sometimes. Only enable if necessary and don't forget to disable it afterwards!

Account settings


Get help
Open this wiki page.

Advanced options

Use preemptive authentication
Enable preemptive authentication. Preemptive authentication causes the app to send BASIC authentication headers with every request. If your server accepts BASIC authentication this will reduce the number of round-trips and sync much faster (especially on SSL). Please note, this will send your password unencrypted over the wire (if you don't use SSL), even if your server does not accept BASIC authentication. With SSL this option should be safe to use. Don't enable this option if your server doesn't accept BASIC authentication.
Socket timeout (seconds)
Change the default connection timeout of 120 seconds. You should not change this value unless necessary.
Proxy type
Sets the type of a proxy connection. Possible options are "System http proxy" and "Custom http proxy". The default setting is "No proxy".
Proxy host
Specifies the address of the proxy.

Sync features

Sync instant messengers
Enable instant messenger sync. It's enabled by default for all new accounts. If you upgraded the app from version or earlier this option is disabled for existing accounts. Since these versions didn't sync instant messengers there is some risk of data loss when you enable it after upgrading. This is due to the fact that the app always assumes that the contacts were in sync after the last synchronization. If you have a contact with instant messenger data on the server, but not on the phone and you modify the contact on the phone the app will override the contact on the server (and remove all instant messenger data). The same is true for the opposite direction (i.e. if you have instant messenger data on the phone an update on the server will override them).
If you don't have instant messenger data it's safe to enable this option.
If you have all instant messenger data on the server and none on the phone, just remove the account and recreate it and you should be fine.
If you have instant messenger data on the phone (and it's not yet on the server), either let this option disabled (and no instant messenger data will be synced or removed) or ensure you update all affected contacts on the phone first, before you update them on the server.
Please send me an email if you have questions about that. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Sync phonetic names
Enables synchronization of phonetic names. Enabled by default for new accounts. Please see "Sync instant messengers" to learn what to do if you upgrade the app and want to enable phonetic name sync.
Sync relations
Enables synchronization of relations like mother or father. Enabled by default.

Sync direction

This option disables Two-Way-Sync. Only server modifications are considered during sync, modifications on the phone don't get synced to the server and will be overridden if the contact was changed on the server.
Enforce synchrony
This option only has effect when One-Way-Sync is enabled. If this option is enabled CardDAV-Sync will ensure your address book on the phone always equals the address book on the server. That means that all local modifications will be reverted on the next sync.

Conflict resolution

This option determines how to handle sync conflicts. A conflict occurs when a modification (i.e. the contact was edited or removed) was made on the phone and on the server at the same time.
Server wins will enforce the server version of the contact in case of a conflict. All modifications on the phone will be overridden by the server version.
Phone wins will enforce the version on the phone. All modifications on the server will be overridden.

Sync interval

Periodic auto sync
This enables an automatic sync on a regular base.
Sync interval
Sets the time between two automatic syncs. Note that if a sync can not run due to insufficient connectivity, the app will sync on the next regular interval.

Date service settings

These options allow to specify on which connection types the app may sync. The app checks the connection type on each sync and won't sync if the current connection is not enabled here.