Thunderbird with SOGo Connector

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If you use the Thunderbird SOGo Connector Plugin to sync your contacts with any non-SOGo server you'll need to apply a patch in order to make it load updates from the server.

Update With Thunderbird 10 and SOGo Connector 10 you don't need this patch anymore!

Please see this bug: 0001098: GroupDavSynchronizer: obsolete DAV:sync-response after DAV:sync-collection request?.

For all who don't know how to apply the patch I've prepared a patched version of the file at sync.addressbook.groupdav.js. Just search a file with this name in your Thunderbird profile and replace it with the patched file.

More issues

Even if you got it working there are some annoying issues:

  • Photos that you added on your phone are not preserved when you edit a contact with Thunderbird.
  • If you change the type of an email or phone number (e.g. from work to home) on the phone, Thunderbird will show the entry in both fields (if you didn't specify a new value for the old type as well).
  • You can add up to 5 phone numbers (work, home, mobile, pager, fax) only.
  • You can add 2 email addresses only.
  • Like in SOGo, work email is mapped to "Email" and home email is mapped to "Additional Email" and vice versa.