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Is CalDAV-Sync Open-Source Software?

Currently it isn't, but it is planned to make it Open-Source once it evolves to version 1.0.

Why don't you make it Open-Source right now?

Because it's not ready yet. Some parts of the source code are quite messy, it would be too embarrassing to publish it ;-)

How do I setup CalDAV-Sync for ...

Please see the list of Supported servers & services then select your server/service to see the set up instructions.

It doesn't sync! What can I do?

Please have a look at Supported servers & services first. Maybe there is a known issue with your server. Otherwise please read "How to report bugs" and send me a bug report.

My accounts are gone when I reboot the phone!

You've probably moved the app onto the SD card. Android loads all sync adapters during boot. If a sync adapter is not found, a "clean up" method is triggered. This method is important to remove dead accounts when you uninstall a sync adapter. If you move the app to SD then it may not be available during the account check (as the SD card may be mounted at a later time) and your accounts will be removed. So the fix is: Move the app back to the phone.

Only One-Way-Sync seems to work, why didn't it sync the new events to my server?

Please ensure that you choose the right calendar. When you create the event, there is a calendar selection field that may default to your Google calendar. CalDAV-Sync won't sync events in your Google calendar. You can disable the other calendars in your calendar app, so they won't show up in that list (though, I've heard of a few phones still showing disabled/hidden calendars :-/).

What do all those account settings mean

Please have a look at CalDAV-Sync settings for brief explanation of CalDAV-Sync's settings.

I've a new self-signed certificate, how can I get the app to accept it without recreating the account

Just open the account settings and go to "Update password", then enter your password and confirm. The app will ask you if you accept the new certificate.